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2021 Spring Tackle Clinics for Grades 4-7 (Grade is Current Spring Grade)

Tackle Clinic - This is available to all of our current 4th-7th graders in our community (rising 5th-8th in fall).  The focus will be on refreshing their skill set from the previous season while also providing a great opportunity for potential new players to try out our tackle league in helmet and shoulder pads.  This will provide a base of knowledge and comfort should they decide to play in the fall with the FYF Giants with a chance to get to meet their coaches, teammates and understand the complexities of youth football.  A mix of positional, conditioning and team drills will help as a springboard to the fall.  These will be non-contact clinics with all drill work being done with bags.  

This program will run outside at Sullivan Field on Mondays which is typically a "rest" day for lacrosse and baseball, traditional spring sports.  Should a conflict arise we urge your child to compete in their spring sport that week.  


Cost: $150 plus $25 Field Use Fee


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