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Season Welcome for 7v7 teams
by posted 09/11/2020

Hi Parents,


Thank you for your patience. We are now ready to get started. 


Below are the rosters for this year including day/time of practice, coaches’ names and team name. All practices are at Sullivan Field.



For those of you who are new to this age groups’ game format, here is a brief description of the game:


• Teams consist of 5 players each on the field at any one time.  
• Minimum of 4 players to start a game.
• A coin toss determines 1st possession. The team winning the toss can elect to start on offense or defense. 
• The offensive team takes possession of the ball at the 20-yard line and has three plays to cross the 10-yard line (or score). Once a team crosses the 10-yard line they have three plays to score. If the offensive team fails to cross the 10-yard line (or score) in 3 plays, they start over at the 20-yard line.
• Teams stay on offense or defense for the entire quarter.  After each touchdown by the offense, a 2 point PAT is attempted from the 3-yard line.
• Teams alternate offense and defense each quarter (i.e. offense for Q1, defense for Q2, offense for Q3 and defense for Q4 or vice versa).
• No blocking is allowed. No intentional contact is allowed.
• Quarterback has 5 seconds to throw a pass once a play starts.
• Defense has 10 seconds to line up once offense is set.  After 10 seconds, offense can start the next play.
Your coaches will have flags and jerseys at your first practice. For those who missed the combine or recently signed up, you will also get your helmet and mask at the first practice. 
Please remember the medical form, a mask and your helmet for the first practice. You will not be allowed to practice without a mask and medical form. 
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 
Looking forward to seeing you all out on the field. 


Ed Leibrock

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